Lactation Support

Mississippi State University provides reasonable break time for faculty and staff employees to express breast milk as well as provision of an appropriate location to express breast milk.

Lactation Support Rooms

  • Allen Hall – Room 445
  • Lloyd Ricks Watson – Room 068 (access key from room 120)
  • Cullis Wade Depot / Welcome Center, 2nd floor, Room 2103 (access key from receptionist on first floor or by registered ID)
  • Colvard Student Union – Room 226 (access key from Reservations Desk on the 2nd floor or by registered ID)
  • Humphrey Coliseum, Room 309
  • Longest Student Health Center, 3rd floor, Room 3102
  • Thompson Hall – Room 110B (access key from desk in room 110)
  • The Wise Center, Room L3017 (located in the library, access key at front desk)
  • Memorial Hall – Room 113 (open weekdays 7am-5:30pm, game days from 7am-11pm)
  • Bost Extension Center – Room 102-A (past the office of Agricultural Communications)

These rooms will be available from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday-Friday; excluding special events and holidays. The Colvard Student Union and The Welcome Center/Cullis Wade Depot will be available during most game day events on campus.

To locate MSU’s Lactation Support Rooms, please see the Lactation Support Brochure here.

For more information, please review the MSU policy Break Time for Nursing Mothers here.