Leave Policies

MSU leave is based on state law and Board policies. The Leave/Leave Without Pay Policy and Procedure documents an employee’s rights under the law and the procedures to follow when applying and processing a leave of absence. Leave accrual rates and eligibility information are detailed in the policy.

MSU’s Leave/Leave Without Pay Policy and Procedure covers the following:

Personal Leave with Pay

Major Medical Leave with Pay

Donated Leave

Leave for Death in the Immediate Family

Administrative Leave

Military Leave/Veteran’s Re-employment Rights

Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)

Separation Leave Payout/Transferring Leave

General Leave of Absence

Professional Leave of Absence

Visit HRM for details on this policy.


Due to the nature of the academic calendar, faculty at MSU may encounter challenges related to parental leave. The Office of the Provost has developed some guidelines related to these challenges in an attempt to accommodate some of these issues. Visit these guidelines here.